Early last year I was contacted by a prospective client for a quote on shutters for her bay windows. I didn't hear back from her again until late last year. Turns out that she had purchased lower-priced shutters from an online shutter factory, and had them shipped and installed, which apparently was a challenge, as they didn't quite fit the windows. Beyond the fit issues that had to be overcome, once she got to spend some time in front of the shutters, she came to the conclusion that something was lacking. She called me back, and I brought her a sample shutter, and explained all of the differences between what she had in her windows and the shutters that I make. She swallowed her pride, picked up her checkbook, and ordered shutters a second time for the same windows, less than 6 months after buying the first ones. Today, her "old" shutters were removed, her new RHM shutters were installed, and the client was left with a big, satisfied smile on her face.

Red Hook Millworks shutters freshly installed.. And a competitor's shutters, freshly removed.